Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sunday fun

Well I had a wonderful weekend, pizza, science museum (geek), and the natural history museum all in one-day goodness me!
The science museum has a lovely exhibition of Wallace and Gromits’ inventions and sets they were absolutely fascinating! There was section to make your own characters with modeling clay, we got a little carried away and this point… after not looking up from the clay for about half an hour we realized it was aimed at children and we should probably leave them too it! (I also remembered that I had an unopened pot of modeling clay at home where we could play for hours without people looking at us strangely!) I left wanting to watch Wallace and Gromit, drink tea and eat cake all afternoon!Here is a little clip from my favorite one; I love the 50's poodle, and her eyelashes…amazing!

Happy Sunday

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