Friday, 3 April 2009

Do you doodle?

Gosh what a week! I'm so very tired, that I think I will be watching some trashy TV in bed this eve...possibly catching up on stylista, ahh joy heehee. The only good thing about this week however is that flowers are out and blooming which is lovely feeling inspired by the spring time but still rather grumpy I drew this slightly evil looking (cat?) ...


Some things I like with doodeled hearts.


I love these dolls.


Lucy MacLeod

japaneeser hearts girl

This girl is so beautiful! I think I would like to doodle on my face like this! Do you doodle on your face? I scanned this years ago, it’s from a Japanese magazine but I can’t remember the name of the magazine and now it appears to have gone missing! ;0(So upsetting because the whole shoot was wonderful, I will not rest until I find it!


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